Orthodontic Fees

Orthodontist Fees - Signature Smiles Limerick

Orthodontic Fees

Every patient begins the process of treatment with an €80 initial consultation fee. There is no obligation to proceed with treatment at this time.

At Signature Smiles the fees are as follows:

  • Consultation with a Specialist Orthodontist: €80
  • Records and Treatment Planning: €400
  • Review Appointment: €40
  • *Metal Fixed Braces: €4,300 – €6,000 for top and bottom braces
  • Removable appliances and Early Treatment: €800 – €3,000
  • Functional Appliance: €1,800
  • *Functional Appliance and Metal Fixed Braces: €4,800- €6,000
  • *Clear Ceramic Braces: €4,800 – €6,400 for top and bottom braces
  • *Invisalign Clear Aligners: €4,800 – €6,500
  • Replacement Clear (Essix) Retainer: €100 – €300
  • Bonded Retainer: €200 – €300

Did you know?

  • If you pay upfront in full for your comprehensive treatment (marked above with an asterisk) you can enjoy a 7.5% discount!
  • You can also receive a 20% tax refund when you complete a Med 2 form. (Please ask our receptionist for this form).
  • If eligible, VHI and DeCare customers can save up to €1,000 on their treatment (Please check your health insurance policy for more information).
  • You can also claim back up to €1,700 if you are eligible for Garda Medical Aid.

At Signature Smiles, we know that the cost of orthodontic treatment can put pressure on families. To alleviate some of this pressure, we provide payment plans with the option to spread the cost over the treatment period. We also offer family discounts for siblings undergoing treatment.

Signature Smiles, based in Catherine Place, Limerick are specialists in Fixed Braces and can be contacted at 061 468843